my friend pedro game

How to play my friend pedro:

In My Friend Pedro, you have to use the WASD or arrow keys to move, roll, and jump, and the mouse to aim and shoot. Slow down time with the Shift key or space bar to dodge bullets and make the perfect shot.

My friend Pedro is an exciting game about friendship and fantasy.  Here, you will have an incredible journey under the guidance of a banana. It will be a game of killing people and Buddha. You must have enough wisdom to kill danger in the cradle and become a successful person before others hurt you.

My friend Pedro’s game content

My friend Pedro, you will be led by a talking banana to fight a bloody and violent battle. Anyone on the road may have a heart of killing and must be alert and able to face it tactfully. It would be best if you were flexible, under the command of bananas, to carry out all kinds of aggressive actions, in a crisis-ridden environment, to fight your way out.

The game features of My friend Pedro

The design of My friend Pedro is fascinating. You can make a lot of tactical actions, such as entering through a classic window and playing a series of boxing techniques. Secondly, it can operate with flexible reaction ability, such as a perfect bouncing reflex. When confronted with exciting gun battles and hunting, you can experience exciting motorcycle chasing. In this doomed extraordinary journey, create a splendid era of your own!